Supply Chain Management

Sicopa Consulting offer highly skilled expertise within supply chain management. Our consultants can take on shorter or longer interim assignments. They can also support as advisors, project or point basis expertise, wherever in the supply chain you want deeper knowledge or an objective perspective from the outside.

Resilient and Sustainable Supply Chain

Our team of senior consultants can support at operational, tactical and strategic level. They have all had positions at higher management level in both larger and smaller organizations. They offer insights, support and strategies that save costs, improve service and increase efficiency, all in a sustainable way.

Founding Partner

Atle Lillehagen

Results-oriented and analytical supply chain expert who enjoys organization and change management.

Founding & Managing Partner

Charlotte Gabrielson

Driven and experienced leader within supply chain management and strategic business development.

Senior Consultant

Daniel Simonsson

Analytical and solution-oriented logistics consultant with a broad experience in optimizing operational processes.

Founding Partner

Andreas Wramsmyr

Visionary leader in technology and logistics, with a strong foundation within entrepreneurship and business transformation.

Founding Partner

Björn Paulsson

Innovative supply chain strategist and entrepreneur, with expertise within distribution design and efficiency.

Senior Consultant

Per Olof Arnäs

Logistics innovator with an interesting background in academia and industry, and a passion for sustainability.

Senior Consultant

Tony Edmundsson

Strategic development leader within supply chain, with a focus on digitalization and green transition.

Senior AI Advisor

Robert Lidberg

Over 15 years of experience in tech as a business leader. Expertise in deeptech with a focus on AI.

Founding Partner

Øystein Rønningen

Pioneer in 4PL logistics and supply chain optimization with a global perspective on sustainable transportation.

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